Portland, Oregon: A New Beginning

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Yes, I was, too! ¬†At the end of the day (more so the year) I realized it’s just too expensive here in San Diego for me. Not an uncommon story, right?

There are some great barbering opportunities in PDX. The city is thriving and you ought to see my palatial apartment! A bedroom…what? A dishwasher….yasssss! Double the space and a few hundred dollars less!

By the way, if you haven’t been to Portland or the Northwest, it is STUNNING. I grew up in Idaho (the other side of the Sawtooths) so rain doesn’t scare me! We’ll see how I feel after several hundred days of cloudy weather, right? Regardless, I’m in! That makes me out of San Diego.

It’s mixed bag of excitement for the opportunity and some sadness for leaving behind some great barbering customers and, most important, barber family!

For some of you, this is not news. I started telling my guys as soon as I thought I might really do this. I didn’t want anyone showing up and finding me not there.

I still have some goodbyes, of course, and purging and packing! Hopefully I’ll get to talk to most everyone and get in that last cut!

LAST DAY at Moose’s: Saturday, May 20

Wheels up Tuesday, May 23!

Thank you San Diego!